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Push ads are a new type of native ad format, offering a non-intrusive, user-friendly and highly-engaging way for advertisers to reconnect and expand their audiences. Performing exceptionally well for almost any type of advertising campaigns, these interactive ad messages are delivered directly to users' mobile or desktop device anytime, anywhere!


High Quality Traffic

Push Notifications are by nature a high quality format, as users have to accept if they want to receive push notifications. Furthermore, we filter out bots and we use artificial intelligence to detect fraudulent sources.

Unrivalled Ad Visibility

Push Notifications enjoys a CTR of 1-2% vis-a-vis email and sms. They get delivered and displayed directly on the subscribers screen, making it hard to miss.

Designed for Mediabuyers

We have designed a clean & intuitive interface for professional mediabuyers that allows you to optimize in real time by multiple dimensions, such as source, country, etc. Don't wait another minute!

Why Pushground

High Volumes

Our platform is connected to our own database and to the major direct sources of subscribers.

High Quality Traffic

Our technology can identify bots which simulate user behaviour without authorization.

Fast approvals

Our team from different timezones works 24/7 to get your campaigns approved in minutes!

Fresh Supply

We work non-stop to get new subscribers and connect new sources of supply.

Advanced Targeting

We provide the most advanced targeting in the market, such city and carrier targeting.

Fast & Furious technology

Modern, legacy-free technology built for speed, redundancy and horizontal scalability.

TOP 20 CPC Rates & Volumes ordered by Spent

Country CPC Daily Impressions
US $0.045 388,307,751
FR $0.057 171,193,408
ES $0.039 163,350,441
DE $0.040 140,600,027
IT $0.032 140,813,485
GB $0.070 50,855,541
MY $0.036 87,512,357
BR $0.010 238,027,977
RU $0.039 68,304,863
SA $0.034 61,800,707
IN $0.007 223,819,792
GR $0.048 32,435,125
UA $0.043 26,384,899
CA $0.118 11,685,934
CL $0.022 62,393,576
AU $0.093 15,062,505
BE $0.042 33,391,811
TH $0.021 39,330,912
ZA $0.059 18,988,420
MX $0.010 101,539,725

Table data is updated every 12h, you can check the full stats inside the platform.

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